Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Why is Digg being censored?

The usual late night Digg check before heading off to sleep, just to see if anything catches my attention…

Why is an article with 179 Diggs:
A: NOT been promoted to the Popular section
B: No longer listed in the Upcoming section

I always received the impression that we had the power to choose what became front-page material.
Yes, admitedly the article finally did reach the front page momentarily later, but the principle remains, what happened Digg?

Here it is sitting on 179 Diggs after only 2 hours

Sitting in Upcoming section

Notice how it’s status has not been “Made Popular” despite the number of Diggs in short period.

Moments later in the Upcoming section:

Upcoming? Not any more


Digg was meant to give us the people control, 179 Diggs in 2 hours is more than enough evidence of it - so what happened guys?


Just tracked another article like the one I was previously refering to:
I dont entirely agree with the articles content, however 202 Diggs and 12 Hours later, still nothing for this article.

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